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Supplier Spotlight - Billy Franks

by Louise Carleton on June 09, 2022

As you can probably tell by now, we’re picky about who we partner with, making sure we only ever bring you the very best independent food and drink suppliers from around the capital. We’re always on the hunt for products of exceptional quality and suppliers who have a real passion for what they do which is why we’re excited to tell you a bit more about this week’s supplier spotlight, Billy Franks. 

These jerky extraordinaires are committed to creating and providing the very best jerky on the market with a passion and enthusiasm that is truly inspiring.

So, why do we love them?

Jerky has gained popularity in the UK in recent years and this protein-packed super snack is the unrivalled champion of snack times and the perfect pick me up to fuel your day. Unfortunately, not all jerky is created equal and there are some pretty bad ones on the market. You know the types: bland, unhealthy and tastes a bit like beef chewing gum.

But Billy Franks is on a mission to change that and work tirelessly to create products that are high quality, incredibly tasty and free from nasty additives and with stacks of awards bestowed upon them (including a Great Taste Award), it’s clear they’re doing something right. They ensure only the best goes into every pouch and use British grass-fed beef, outdoor-reared pork, free-range turkey and plant-based ingredients.

Because their products don’t include any other rubbish they’re low in sugar, salt and carbs making them the perfect guilt-free snack. With a range of flavours and options - including our fave, vegan jerky- there’s something to keep everyone happy.

Why should I include them in my next hamper?

As we said, good jerky can be hard to come by and even harder still is a good vegan jerky- but Billy Franks have risen to the challenge and their vegan jerky is seriously out of this world. We think every hamper should include it - it makes a great snack, something new for your hamper recipients to try and it goes really well with beers from Howling Hops or Kernal Brewery.

Their vegan jerky is made from a blend of plant-based proteins that are marinated in smoked jalapeno and chilli flakes which are then balanced out with apple and apricot puree to give a sweet aftertaste. The flavours are balanced and bold and leave you wanting more - take it from us, one packet is definitely not enough!

What else do Billy Franks do?

Billy Franks have combined two of our favourite things and created a beer and jerky lovers heaven in their craft beer and snack shack located on the infamous Bermondsey Beer Mile. Here you’ll find some of the UK's best beers, hot sauces, hot snacks and of course, a vast array of delicious Billy Franks jerky and boozy bacon jams.

Want to know more?

Then why not head over to their website where you can learn more about their impressive products and how to find their beer and snack shack. Obviously, you should also start following them on Instagram so you can keep up to date with all the cool things they’re up to.
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