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Supplier Spotlight - Climpson & Sons

by Louise Carleton on March 31, 2022


Our supplier spotlight this week is shining brightly on the East London based coffee connoisseurs, Climpson & Sons. No one quite knows coffee like these guys which is why we’re proud to partner with them here at Hipster Hamper Co.

So, why do we love them?

The London coffee scene moves pretty fast (must be all that caffeine, hey?) but Climpson & Sons have firmly kept their place as pioneers on the scene, known for their passion and commitment to sourcing, roasting and crafting some of the best coffee around.

Extracting mouth-watering flavours from the best quality beans is what these guys do best; they’re always exploring new brewing methods that bring out the very best flavours to create the perfect cup of coffee every time.

And it’s not just good coffee that makes us love Climpson & Sons so much; they’re committed to sustainability and ensuring every bean that passes through their hands is ethically and responsibly sourced.

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword either, they really do practice what they preach. They only purchase from suppliers that have sustainable practices at farm level, they roast all their coffee using environmentally friendly methods and only ever pay a fair price for what they buy. The result is strong, mutually beneficial relationships with their suppliers and incredible quality coffee that you can enjoy guilt-free.

Why should I add Climpson & Sons to my next hamper?

Coffee is a great accompaniment to any hamper. For many of us, we rarely treat ourselves to something new or venture out of our caffeine comfort zones, which is why adding a bag of Climpsons & Sons is the perfect treat that everyone will enjoy.

Whether you’re sending a hamper to your friend who's just moved house, want to say thank you to a member of staff who's gone above and beyond or you want to celebrate some self-care, a packet of well crafted, quality coffee ticks all the boxes.

It also makes a great accompaniment to some of our boozier hampers; why not try your hand at espresso martinis and pair with a bottle of vodka from the fantastic East London Liquor company? Or else a packet of Climpson & Sons is the perfect pick me up for the morning after the night before!

Want to know more?

Then why not head over to Climpson & Sons Instagram page and have a look at what’s going on behind the scenes (warning, doing so might spark intense coffee cravings. You have been warned!) Or else visit their website to learn a little more about the current sustainability practices they have in place. They’ve always got something exciting in the pipeline and it’s pretty inspiring to see how passionate they are about their craft - you’ll find a new appreciation for all the work that goes into your morning coffee!

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