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Supplier Spotlight - East London Liquor Company

by Louise Carleton on April 28, 2022


We get to partner with some seriously cool independent suppliers at Hipster Hamper Co, like seriously cool. Just take East London Liquor Company - these guys ooze coolness by the bucketload which is why we’re excited to tell you a bit more about them on this week’s supplier spotlight (and hope some of that street cred rubs off on us too).

So, why do we love them?

Phew, where to start? The products, the price, the mission, the packaging - everything East London Liquor Company have to offer is spot on. Founded in–you guessed it–East London, eight years ago their mission is simple: good quality spirits that don’t cost the earth.

They distil their own vodka, gin and whiskey at their Bow location and import the best rums they can find from Guyana and Jamaica. 

Their East End roots are a big part of their identity and fighting spirit and true grit are reflected in everything this brand does.

Why should I add them to my next hamper?

A good quality bottle of spirits is a great addition to any hamper. Whether you’re trying to find the perfect way to say thank you, welcome that newbie to the neighbourhood or just fancy treating yourself, you can’t go wrong with booze.

Why not bring the party to your living room and create a big night in hamper? Make sure to load it up with a bottle of your favourite liquor, a couple of mixers, some snacks to fuel the night and you’ve got a winning combination. These hampers are also great for a spot of at-home cocktail experimenting too; just choose your base, find some recipes online and play about with flavours until you find your new favourite drink (that’s if you can remember it come the morning).

You can choose from the British wheat vodka, classic dry London Gin or Jamaican blend white rum. If you’re stuck on where to start, why not try our vodka box which includes vodka, mixers from Punchy drinks and snacking pickles from serious pig, a winning combination if we do say so ourselves.

Can I hang out with them in person?

Absolutely! As we said, East London Liquor Company distil many of their spirits at their Bow location which handily has a bar. Next time you’re in the area (or go out of your way if you’re not local - it’s worth it, we promise!) why not pop in, have a tipple and choose something delicious from their impressive menu which includes both bar snacks and meals a little more substantial. Once you’re fed and watered why not pre-book a tour of their distillery where you can learn more about the craft behind their distillery methods.

What to know more?

You can find these guys on all the usual suspects: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You should also check out their website where you can sign up to their mailing list and receive a monthly update about all the new cool stuff they’re up to.

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