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Supplier Spotlight - Good & Proper

by Louise Carleton on May 26, 2022


We’re a nation of tea drinkers with 100 million cups of tea downed all around the UK every day. But despite these impressive figures, there’s some seriously gross tea out there and finding a good cuppa isn’t always easy. Fellow tea lovers Good & Proper felt the same and they’re on a mission to bring good (and proper) tea to the masses. So, pop the kettle on, make yourself a brew and get comfy while we tell you a bit more about why we love Good & Proper (spoiler - it’s not just because of their fantastic tea!).

So, why do we love them?

Making a decent cup of tea is an art form and one that Good & Proper takes seriously. They’re showing the world just how delicious tea can be by encouraging customers to try new flavours and understand brewing methods so we can all enjoy the perfect cup of tea every time.

That’s not all: they’re big on sustainability and all their teas are responsibly sourced from around the world. Their tea bags are also plastic-free (you might not know it but lots of tea bags contain plastic to help seal tea bags and keep their shape) so when you’re done you can toss yours on the compost heap knowing you’re not hurting the planet.

Why should I add them to my next hamper?


Why not? The UK is pretty much fuelled by tea and some fancy tea bags are always a welcome addition to any hamper. Our customers love to include them in things like new home hampers, welcome to the neighbourhood hampers or to congratulate someone starting a new job - in times of upheaval and change (even exciting ones!) there’s nothing quite as comforting as a cup of tea.

We think you can’t beat a cup of proper breakfast tea so we would recommend the Brockley Breakfast blend or if you’re feeling a bit fancier why not try the Earl Grey blend instead? Remember, these aren’t just any old tea and one sip will have you questioning why you never took your tea seriously before. 

How can I learn more about Good & Proper?

The demand for good tea is high and Good & Proper can be found online and on Instagram where you can not only find their array of fine teas but all the tools and gadgets that are part of the territory when it comes to making the perfect cup. They’ve also got a fast-growing network of cafe and restaurant partners so keep your eyes peeled next time you’re out and about for Good & Proper on the menu. Not to mention their infamous tea van can still be seen zipping around the capital delivering hot teas to the masses.

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