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Supplier Spotlight - Palace Culture

by Louise Carleton on April 07, 2022


We’re feeling pretty cheesy at Hipster Hamper Co HQ this week which is perfect timing because dairy-free cheese wonders, Palace Culture, are under our supplier spotlight.

So, why do we love them?

Vegan alternatives have come a long way in the last few years. The days of meat-free alternatives that looked (and tasted) like cardboard and bland dairy-free products that lacked any oomph are long gone.

Nowadays, most vegan offerings are better than the real deal (not to mention healthier, more sustainable and cheaper!) and Palace Culture is just one example of just how far along animal-free products have come. 

We can’t get enough of their dairy-free cheese and we’re so excited that we get to partner with them and share some of their fantastic products with you guys.

Tell me more…

Palace Culture was born out of Mirko Parmigiani’s Crystal Palace home when he started playing around with nut-based cheeses after his son was diagnosed with a dairy intolerance. He hit the winning formula and soon everyone wanted a bit of Mirko’s cheesy goodness.

Now, the range covers a whole host of cheeses, including goats cheese, paprika flavoured cheese,  truffle flavoured cheese, camembert, brie, feta….you name it, Palace Culture has got it. Even your dairy cheese obsessed pals will be bowled over by Palace Culture’s offerings; the quality is astounding, with rich tastes and flavours that will blow your mind.

What’s so great about vegan cheese?

Simply put, dairy-free cheese is good for you. Nut milk cheeses are wonderfully healthy alternatives that are much kinder to the planet; when taste isn’t compromised why would you pick anything else?

What should we add to our next hamper?

Cheese is always a winning addition to any hamper and quite honestly, we would recommend everything Palace Culture has to offer. Pair with some crackers from The Cracker Kitchen, some Bottlebrush ferments or some snacking pickles from Serious Pig and you’ve got a winning combination. 

We love Palace Culture’s branding too: cool, funky and fun it looks great in any hamper.

What to do next…

Obviously, you should start building your next hamper here now, making sure to add Palace Culture’s Holy Smokes soft cheese and their truffle black pepper soft cheese to your order. If you want to learn more about the health benefits of vegan cheese this article is a great place to start. You should definitely start following Palace Culture over on Instagram and if you want to drool over the full range of vegan cheeses they have to offer then you can do that here.

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