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Supplier Spotlight - The Cracker Kitchen

by Louise Carleton on April 14, 2022


We’re big fans of the humble cracker; It’s the perfect accompaniment to cheese, enjoyed on its own or paired with lashings of butter so it made perfect sense that this week we would show some love for our favourite artisan cracker bakers, The Cracker Kitchen.

Who are they?

The Sister company of The Cinnamon Tree Bakery, these guys know a thing or two when it comes to creating the perfect bake. After wowing the world with their sweet treats they tried their hand at savoury crackers and we’re so glad they did!

With a Great Taste Award under their belt, The Cracker Kitchen are experts when it comes to combining flavours and achieving that perfect crunch in every cracker. They’re well known on the market scene and you can catch them at London’s iconic Borough Market from Wednesday to Sunday where they sell their wares under The Cinnamon Tree Bakery stall.

Why do we love them?

When we say these aren’t just any old crackers, we mean it. These beauties are packed full of seeds and blend flavour combinations that hit the spot every time and set off little flavour dance parties in your mouth. We love to snack on them as they are but pair them with some good cheese and you’ve got yourself a match made in heaven. We might be biased, but we think they work particularly well with fellow Hipster Hamper partners, Palace Culture, and their incredibly yummy vegan cheeses. 

Why should I include them in my next hamper?

These crackers are pretty hardworking; they work well as a standalone product or they make the perfect base with which to load other delicious nibbly bits on top.

With two options to choose from (seeded or rye and caraway) it’s a tough call which one should make its way into your next hamper. We think you should add both (you can never have too much cracker), especially if you’re creating the perfect snack hamper (think lots of little different bits to nibble on washed down with something fruity). But whichever option you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

 Want to know more?

Head over to The Cracker Kitchen’s Instagram and show them some love! And don’t forget to follow their big sister company, The Cinnamon Tree Bakery while you’re at it. Better yet, if you’re London, why not pop down to Borough Market and say hello (and load up on some crackers and treats while you’re at it).
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