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The 3 vegan products we can’t get enough of

by Louise Carleton on October 20, 2021

At Hipster Hamper we’re picky about who we partner with; not only are all of our suppliers independently owned they also create some of the highest quality products on the market. But we don’t stop there, we also choose our suppliers based on their business values and their impact on the environment - two things we feel very passionate about.


We’re proud to have sourced some incredible vegan products from suppliers who are doing their bit to make the world a better place, meaning you can enjoy our hampers knowing each time you order from us, you’re making a difference.


Here are the top three vegan products we’re loving right now!


Palace culture - Truffle black pepper plant-based soft cheese


Made from 100% natural ingredients and free from artificial additives and preservatives this soft vegan cheese follows traditional fermentation processes which means it’s packed full of gut-friendly live cultures, B-vitamins and minerals. Deliciously creamy and rich in flavour we slather on crackers, spread it on artisan bread or eat it straight from the jar!


Land chocolate - Venezuela Oat M*lk Chocolate


We can’t stop munching on this Venezuelan oat milk chocolate which uses oat flour to create the creamy taste you usually find in milk chocolate. WIth hints of caramel, fudge and coffee you might find it hard to believe that this creamy bar of deliciousness really is 100% dairy-free! The perfect snack to nibble on when you want something sweet or if you’re feeling extra decadent why not polish off the whole bar - it’s hard not to!


Billy Franks - Sweet chipotle jerky


One of our favourite go-to snacks, this plant-based, protein-packed vegan jerky is full of flavour that leaves you wanting more. With smoked jalapeno and chili flakes, it brings the heat which is perfectly balanced by notes of apple and apricot puree. We love having a bag of this on hand when we’ve got friends over for drinks; the perfect accompaniment when you’re having a beer and chewing the fat (or in this case, the vegan jerky).

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