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The Big Hamper
The Big Hamper
The Big Hamper
The Big Hamper

The Big Hamper

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    Great for birthday, anniversary or engagement gifts, or a feast for you and your family or housemates. Surprise your best mate, treat your team or just keep it all to yourself!


    One of our amazing spirits with two bottles/cans of their paired mixer.

    Choice of: Little Bird Gin with Bermonsey Grapefruit Tonic, Cabby’s Spiced Rum with Square Root Ginger Beer and Cola, East London Liquor Company and two Punchy Drinks; Vodka with Blood Orange, Bitters and Cardamom mixer, Gin with Cucumber, Yuzu and Rosemary or White Rum with Peach, Ginger and Chai.

    Howling Hops - Tropical Deluxe Pale Ale 3.8% and House IPA 6.9%.

    The Kernel Brewery - Table beer and Pale Ale.

    Choose between Good & Proper or Climpson & Sons

    1x Palace Culture soft cheese. Either Holy Smokes, Smoked Carrot Lox, Truffle Black Pepper, Chive and Shallot or Yellow Chilli.   

    1x Bottlebrush Ferments. Either The Red One, The White One or The Purple One.

    1x Serious Pig Snacking Pickles

    1x Billy Franks Vegan Jerky

    1x The Cracker Kitchen - Spelt & Cumin Flatbread, Seeded Flatbread or Rye & Caraway Flatbread.

    1x Land Chocolate - 58% Venezuela Oat M*lk Chocolate, 75% Philippines Dark Chocolate, 65% Malt Dark Chocolate or 73% Nicaliso Dark Chocolate.

    1x Momo Kombucha either Turmeric, Elderflower or Ginger and Lemon.

    1x Intune CBD drinks. Either Grapefruit & Mint, Pomegranate & Ginger or Elderflower & Hops.

    1x Agua de Madre 1.2% - Original, Pomegranate & Hibiscus or Elderflower.

    1x Beanbag Cold Coffee - Rejuvenating Cacao or Coconut MCT Raw energy.


    Please inform us of any allergens

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